Casa de Cáritas

Project description

Casa de Cáritas is a 2015 building located on Doctor Cantero Cuadrado Street in Huelva (37°15’31.3″N 6°56’37.7″W). The project consisted of the rehabilitation and extension in phases of a part of a building, which was catalogued as a university residence, for mixed use: as a shelter for immigrants; a shelter for the sick; a day-care centre for the homeless; and for the general administrative services.


  • The natural illumination of the interior spaces for passage is obtained through skylights in the hallway towards the shower areas.
  • The improvement of the existing thermal enclosure is achieved with continuous insulation inside LM in the plasterboard panelling of the roof.
  • The renovation of the HVAC system is completed with a high-efficiency boiler.
  • The incorporation of a solar thermal generation system is created for ACS.