The Preschool Garden of Light

Project description

The Preschool Garden of Light is a 2009 construction located on the El Carmen Campus of the University of Huelva (37°16’11.4″N 6°55’30.1″W). It is a new building for educational use intended for kindergarten children of the university community in the University of Huelva.


  • The constructive solution is that of a low budget and of the industrial type with low thermal inertia.
  • The thermal envelope without thermal bridges is resolved by means of a transverse cover made of corrugated sheet with a banked profile and a concrete block façade with internal LM insulation in the TYL backing.
  • The interior unconditioned covered patio is illuminated from above with natural light employing skylights of double skin cellular polycarbonate which serves as mattress space intended for children games.