Research Objective:

The objective of this research field is to study and develop different aspects related to wired and wireless communication systems in LAN, WAN and WLAN environments.

As far as wired communication is concerned, the activity focuses mainly on the handling of management systems, centralised deployment and the configuration of laboratory equipment (computers, servers, routers, switches, APs and controllers). Regarding wireless systems, the activity centres on the study of technologies in the physical layer (PHY) and data link (MAC) of the OSI model using antenna simulation tools, portable RF spectrum analysis equipment (Aaronia Spectran) and data monitoring software (Wireshark).

Another goal within the area of research is the development of simulation tools of the IEEE 802.11 standard that allows for studying 3D scenarios with hidden node problems, signal absorption due to construction materials, AP coverage and network performance and the design and study protocols of the behaviour of wireless sensor networks (WSN) for IoT applications through techniques based on intelligent agents (GAMA).