The Research Group “Information and Knowledge Engineering (I2C)”, TIC code 243 in the Andalusian Plan for Research, Development and Innovation, is comprised of 8 expert researchers in computer engineering belonging to the area of knowledge “Computer Languages and Systems” of the Department of Information Technologies of the University of Huelva. The group was registered in the Andalusian Scientific Information System in October 2016 and has more than 75 publications in journals, more than 125 contributions to scientific congresses and conferences, and has participated in more than 67 R&D&I projects.

The research lines of the group are based on two main axes: machine learning and natural language processing (NLP). Its main objective is to provide, by means of novel and efficient strategies, solutions to the numerous real situations in which the use of these two disciplines is useful.

The group has the capacity to design, develop and implement techniques and applications in any field and with different sources of information (structured, semi-structured or unstructured data, images, etc.) and volume (Big Data).