Zaranda House

Project description

The Zaranda House is a 2012 building located in the La Monacilla urbanisation, in Aljaraque (Huelva) (37°17’27.4″N 7°00’27.1″W). It is a new building for residential use, a single-family isolated type.


  • The VLEGE, which allows the ventilation of the house under extreme weather conditions, exchanges heat with the ground.
  • The instrumentation developed in the house with the acquisition and analysis of temperature and humidity data is used, to improve the energy efficiency of the building.
  • The thermal envelope with minimum thermal bridges is resolved through an inverted roof with external XPS insulation and internal LM insulation in the hollow brick partition lining.
  • The maximum watertight enclosure is sealed with high-performance carpentries and verified in the BDT tests carried out.
  • The double height covered patio functions as a thermal mattress under warm weather conditions and favours natural ventilation at night through the stack effect.
  • The outdoor swimming pool used as an energy drain in the installation of hot water panels.

The Zaranda house was selected for the exhibition of the XX Architecture Award by the Official College of Architects of Huelva, and was given in the international energy efficiency awards II Passivhaus Ibero-American Competition (Gijón 2013) and the Isover Energy Efficiency Best of Awards (Dublin 2014).