Long-term strategy model to mobilise investments in the renovation of the national park of residential buildings in Andalusia aimed at saving 20% of energy by 2020 (G-GI3000/IDI_TEP192)

The project has scientifically carried out and applied a proposal for action on the rehabilitation needs in the eight Andalusian capitals in their urban development housing stock in the 50s, 60s and 70s. These homes have in common the fact that they practically lack any criteria in their design and construction regarding energy efficiency making them potentially authentic energy sinks and, therefore, CO2 generators. The scope of the project has affected 291.475 properties with a potential population of more than one million inhabitants. EREBA2020 offers a diagnosis and rehabilitation proposal based on scientific and technical criteria with all kinds of measures and actions carried out in homes that, as a laboratory, have made it possible to technically and economically quantify the different rehabilitation actions available and implemented. The project has made it possible to provide the Department of Development and Housing of the Regional Government of Andalusia with a set of budgeted type actions that allows for planning the policy of energy efficiency and rehabilitation in buildings in Andalusia.

  • Service contracts for R&D projects related to the scope of competency of the Ministry for the Development and Housing of the Andalusian Government during 2012 and 2013

Integral system for the optimisation, monitoring and analysis of faults in panels, arrays and photovoltaic installations (P10-TEP-6124)

Design, development and construction of a system that allows the optimisation, monitoring, reliable prediction of energy production and failure analysis in photovoltaic installations. The system makes it possible to capture, measure and represent in real time the I-V and P-V characteristics of photovoltaic generators; measure the real temporary degradation of the panels of an installation; implement in a practical way effective systems for monitoring the maximum power point; have very low-cost radiation and temperature sensors, which allow monitoring at the panel level; offer on-line maintenance and telemonitoring; generate measurement databases; and make predictions of energy production on the short, medium and long-term basis.

  • Regional Government of Andalusia (call for projects of excellence)

Energy Research Centre of the University of Huelva (PCT-120000-2010-6).

Project for the physical construction (building and facilities) of the Energy Research Centre of the University of Huelva in the Science and Technology Park “La Raya” in the municipality of Aljaraque, 10 kms from the city of Huelva.

  • Spanish Ministry for Science and Innovation + European Regional Development Funds
XXVIII Conference on Automatics

Incentive from the Department for Innovation, Science and Enterprise of the Regional Government of Andalusia to carry out scientific and technical activities. Specifically, the grant was to help in the organisation of the 2007 Conference on Automatics at the University of Huelva. The Conference was held from 5 to 7 September 2007, and the number of attendees exceeded 300.

System for the automatic early detection of diabetic retinopathy through the analysis of the retina digital images

Implementation of a system based on the artificial vision to support general practitioners that allows for automatic diagnosis of potential diabetic retinopathy patients, discriminating false positives and channelling only questionable or positive patients to specialists.

Andalusian Network of Technologies for Intelligent Systems (ACC-435-TIC-2001)

Thematic network of Andalusian research groups in the field of intelligent systems. Thanks to this project, it was possible to carry out numerous scientific activities in several Andalusian universities as well as to produce monographs, publications in journals and congresses, and doctoral and research visits.