Frater Huelva

Project description

Frater Huelva is a 2015 building located on the corner of the Andalusia and Honduras Avenues in Huelva (37°16’13.7″N 6°55’48.6″W). It is a new building for the residence of physically and severely affected disabled people. It also includes a day-care centre and the association’s administrative headquarters.


  • Solar protection of openings is achieved through folding panels made of veneer cladding in continuity with the facade cladding.
  • Natural illumination of the interior areas is used for passages employing skylights in the spaces between rooms.
  • The thermal envelope with minimum thermal bridges is resolved through an inverted roof with XPS external insulation and continuous insulation by LM inside in the TYL panelling and under flooring.

The Frater Huelva building was selected for the exhibition of the XXIII Award for architecture by the Official College of Architects of Huelva and also for the VI  Porcelanosa Award for architecture and interior design (Madrid 2013).