Casa Noah

Project description

Casa NOAH is a 2016 building located in La Monacilla urbanisation in Aljaraque (Huelva) (37°17’24.8″N 7°00’08.4″W). It is a new building for residential use, single-family isolated type construction.


  • The thermal enclosure without thermal bridges is resolved using an inverted cover with XPS external insulation and continuous insulation inside LM in the TYL sheathing, on the PYL false ceiling and under a floating screed floor in contact with the ground.
  • The incorporation of an air-source heat pump that includes a highly efficient production system of ACS system.
  • The solar protection of ceiling hollows, which allows the entrance of solar radiation in the winter and avoids it in the summer, is achieved by optimising the length of the cantilevers to the south and east of the building.