Isidoro Morales Lecture Hall

Project description

The Isidoro Morales Lecture Hall was constructed in 2009, and is located on the El Carmen Campus of the University of Huelva (37°16’19.7″N 6°55’28.7″W). It is a new building for educational purposes intended to accommodate the Higher Technical School of Engineering of the University of Huelva upon its transfer from the Campus of La Rábida in Palos de la Frontera (Huelva).


  • The photovoltaic façade is perfectly integrated architecturally and capable of producing up to 72 kWp.
  • The thermal envelope without thermal bridges is resolved using an inverted roof with extruded polystyrene outer insulation (XPS) and a combination of ventilated façade with projected polyurethane external insulation (PUR) and mineral wool inner insulation (LM) in the panelling of self-supporting laminated plasterboard (TYL).
  • The unconditioned triple-height atrium functions as a thermal mattress in warm weather, and favours the recirculation of air through the stack effect.

The Isidoro Morales Lecture Hall was selected for the exhibition of the 20th Architecture Award of the Official College of Architects of Huelva and was fiven the Isover Energy Efficiency Best Awards (Vienna 2009).