Device and method for measuring electrical magnitudes

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Automatic device for biological exposure to ultraviolet radiation, and exposure method

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System for the electrical power supply of devices connected to a private communications network

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Procedure for the automatic estimation of the components of the production of a vine cluster by artificial vision

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System and method for obtaining high-contrast images of the vascular tree of the fundus of the eye

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Fuel cell monitoring and control system

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Movable, autonomous, scalable, self-deployable, monitorable, remotely reprogrammable system for generating electrical energy

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Photovoltaic generator modelling method and maximum power point tracker of a photovoltaic generator

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System for generating electric power

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Rescue system

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System for the neutralization of acid mine wáter and the recovery of the metal load therefrom

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Simulation system for electric and inert-gas arc welding

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Method and device for measuring characteristic curves in photovoltaic systems

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Robotic system for characterisation of the angular response in radiometric instruments

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Device to capture the surface temperature of an object

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Automatic device for biological exposure to ultraviolet radiation, and exposure method

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