Salesian School Cristo Sacerdote

Project description

The Salesian School Cristo Sacerdote underwent an integral reform and extension of an existing building for educational use located in the Gómez de Avel Laneda Avenue in Huelva (37°16’21.4″N 6°56’07.3″W). The reformed of the building was carried out in two phases. The first phase, in 2010, consisted of an extension and modification of the classrooms and the  professional training workshops. The second phase, in 2016, included the construction of a new floor for a new kindergarten, primary and secondary school; and its connection to the rest of the existing school building.


  • Solar protection of openings is achieved employing mobile panels made of perforated sheet metal (in the first phase) and vertical adjustable slats (in the second phase).
  • Natural lighting and ventilation are favoured by the provision of holes in enclosures opposite the façade where the main windows of the classrooms are opened (skylights in the first phase and windows to the exterior corridor in the second phase).
  • The thermal envelope without thermal bridges is resolved using an inverted roof with XPS external insulation and continuous insulation inside LM in the TYL sheathing and on the false acoustic ceiling of laminated plasterboard (PYL).
  • The incorporation of a double flow ventilation system with high efficiency heat recovery is used to acclimatise the classroom in cold weather conditions as the result of its occupancy (second phase).

The building Salesian School Cristo Sacerdote was selected for the exhibition of the XVIII Award of Architecture by the Official College of Architects of Huelva.